A Fresh Start for Taiwan's Financial Sector

At the 2020 Taiwan Capital Markets Forum, President Tsai Ying-wen said that the government will turn Taiwan into an “capital center to serve companies throughout Asia” and “Asian high-end asset management center,” injecting new vitality into the market by attracting international institutions and capital. Yet Taiwan has been...

China Further Opens Financial Sector to Foreign Companies

When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, it promised to remove most market barriers to foreign participation in its financial sector by 2006. In hindsight, that goal was unrealistic. Beijing sees the financial sector as strategic and will not allow foreign firms to dominate it as they do other industries. More than a decade passed....

Reserve Currency Status Depends on Resilience, not just Financials

The future of the dollar's role as the preeminent reserve currency is in doubt once again amid Washington's poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic, its voracious appetite for quantitative easing, and rising tensions with China. Billionaire investor Ray Dalio published a widely shared series of blog posts on the dynamics of reserve currency emp...

Preparing for the Money Printing Era

 In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to prevent economic collapse, central banks around the world have almost all expanded their balance sheets, providing limitless market liquidity. Unlike our experience in the 20th century, this has not resulted in price surges, but rather a soaring stock market and housing prices. This marks the ...

Can Hong Kong Thrive as a Mainlandized Financial Center?

Hong Kong has historically thrived as Asia's global financial center, serving as a conduit for capital moving to and from mainland China as well as an operational base for companies in the region. That status did not change after the handover of the city from capitalist Great Britain to communist China in 1997, even though civil liberties slowly er...

Fin & Tech Talks Highlight Breadth of Fintech Sector

Out-of-the-box models, explained Or Kremer, CMO of BeyondMinds, account for 80% of the work that goes into the development of an AI system. The remaining 20% of the process, which involves steps such as data cleaning and adjustment to fit specific risk profiles, takes up most of the time. Mr. Kremer was speaking at the first Fin & Tech Talk, a...


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